An engaged online community delivers decisive insight, creative ideas, feedback and constant inspiration.
Research communities are a great way to build deep emotional connections with your customers, employees and target audience. They give you quick feedback, helping you to move fast and make better decisions. Providing a comfortable space for sharing, communities enable your organisation to become more customer focused. At Dub we are experienced at building communities from small and specialised to large and long-term.

Our online market research software is super-flexible. Whether you want a pop-up community or something more longitudinal (we can also advise you on the best approach), Dub has the technology, skills and methods to deliver.


Dive into the lives of consumers - observation and contextual research like never before.
Technology-enabled ethnography (also known as mobile ethnography) gets you right into people’s everyday lives, witnessing their habits, rituals and the context of what’s taking place without actually being there. Using online market research software, now you can turn people into co-researchers; reporting on their own experiences and emotions.

Sharing people’s lives in this way means you are better able to understand what motivates people, how they think, what they feel and why they choose what they do. Whether in-store or at home, mobile ethnography allows you to dive deeper than ever before.

Online qual

Develop rich insight into what people do, think and feel.
Online qualitative research is an agile and highly effective way to engage with people and understand what they think, feel and do, no matter where they are in the world.

Use our leading online market research software to listen to people, engage with them and share the moments that make up their lives. Online qual goes beyond face-to-face research, establishing intimate relationships with people and revealing the ‘why’ behind their behaviour.


Work with people to harness creativity and improve your co-creation strategy, innovation and new product development.
Co-creation is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a tried and tested way to collaborate with people and develop game-changing new brands, products and services. At Dub, we support and facilitate the process, developing relationships and interactions with contributors to deliver fresh insight and sustainable shared value.

Like Lego, co-creation strategies free imaginations to build new visions together. By engaging with people in this way and developing and sharing ideas online you can take virtual risks, bring designs to life and concepts to market quicker than previously possible.

Idea generation

Harness the collective intelligence of your crowd.
At Dub we believe you can harness the creativity, flair and wisdom of crowds to drive innovation. We'll help you challenge online community members to submit new ideas for products and services, then let them rate and vote on the best ideas.

These new crowdsourcing techniques need great technology and smart thinking; we help find and gather your crowd, create activities and challenges that tap into their collective intelligence, deliver fresh insight and inspire new ideas and partnerships.