Research Communities (also known as MROCs or Market Research Online Communities) are now a mainstream qualitative research methodology and still one of the fastest growing research methodologies (according to the GRIT report). It’s been forecast that as many as two thirds of market research professionals will be using them as an insight, ideation and co-creation tool.

Why are Research Communities so useful?

Research communities, when managed well, have the ability to deliver long-term value and real impact on business. They deliver deeper insight, get answers to questions faster, are more iterative and help find those all-important breakthrough insights and innovation spaces. All this at a reduced cost to traditional methods and techniques!

What types of Research Communities are there?

First of all, let’s establish that insight communities are private and invite-only. This means they are safe and secure, that participants must opt-in. Participants are recruited based on the individual clients’ specifications, so you know you are talking to the right people. The two main types of insight communities; short-term and long-term (or longitudinal). Short-term communities typically last anything from 3 days up to several weeks. You may also hear them referred to as bulletin board focus groups, though this is just one type of engagement among many that you can deploy using Dub’s insight community software. Long-term, or longitudinal research communities can be on-going and are a great resource when you have many different questions and research objectives you want answers to. With both types of insight community, building relationships with participants is key to their success. This is called Community Management and requires both moderation and online communication skills. Participants can be engaged via their mobile device or tablet as well as their desktop computer.

Mobile ethnography, one of the methods available using Dub’s technology, is a powerful way to capture in-the-moment, in-context responses and content from participants. Imagine people sharing their social activities or capturing videos of their days out shopping. This kind of information is hard to capture through more traditional recall or journalling activities.

Research communities are the ideal way to get close to consumers’ everyday lives and gather their opinions, ideas and experiences over time, no matter where they are. Insight communities provide a platform for consumer co-creation and are loved by consumers as much as researchers since they give them a real voice that’s listened to.

Dub’s Research Community Platform

One ingredient of a great research community is the technology it’s hosted on. And Dub’s platform is among the best. Available in over 30+ languages, it’s used by the world’s leading research, strategy, creative and innovation professionals and consumer brands to help them engage people (customers, employees etc), capture quality data and make better decisions in an instant.

What next?
Dub can help develop your research communities with its flexible, intuitive software and research support services. We empower you and your research team or we can become a close partner and ally to help you gather and act on decisive human insight.

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