How Carlsberg Used Research Communities To Crack The Swiss Market

Learn how, using online qualitative research and communities, Carlsberg found new and interesting ways to resonate with the notoriously hard-to-crack Swiss market ahead of the launch of their biggest selling cider brand, Somersby. 

Activation of consumers engaged delivered key social, cultural and regional knowledge which inspired unprecedented levels of pre-launch demand and brand awareness. Guy White, founder of Catalyx, the co-creation experts, tells the story of how the brand’s original plan was re-written and how consumer-led creative development within a bespoke research community delivered success.

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Enhancing Research Community Engagement

The first in Dub's Research Community Excellence webinar series looking at Community Engagement Optimisation techniques when using online qualitative research and research communities.

Watch a recording of this webinar here.


Research Community Excellence: Principles of Persuasion

This webinar provides techniques and tips for research community management and moderation when using online qualitative research. The results you'll see are enhanced community engagement and rich insight. Specifically, the presentation coves Liking ( ’the friendly thief’), Authority (‘directed deference’) and Scarcity (‘the rule of the few’), and discussing how management of these known principles / biases can lead to better research.


Watch a recording of this webinar here.


Delivering Beyond Research: Meeting Peoples Needs Through Online Communities

Presented at the Market Research Summit in 2015, this presentation delivers a compelling story about how online qualitative research was used to create online communities for end-client Macmillan Cancer Trust went beyond insight by creating new capacity and support networks and a level of hithertoo unseen catharcism for LGBT and BAME cancer survivors.

View the presentation here.

Recruiting for Online Qual Research

Lessons learned and a guide to best practice

Recruiting participants - real people with busy lives - and onboarding them is a task that's often done badly, resulting in poor quality data, low response levels and unsuccesful studies. This document offers a guide to how Dub recruits for online qualitative research and why it works. Click here to download this PDF.

IdeaStream Handbook

Online Qual and Research Community Technology Handbook

This handbook provides you with all you need to get started using Dub's online qual and research community technology, IdeaStream. It includes detailed technical information to help you and your participants have a great experience. Click here to download this PDF.

Research Communities: How to get better engagement from your communities

Handbook designed to provide you with everything you need to know to increase engagement from your research community participants

What can you do to keep the participants of your research communities engaged and motivated to stay active? Our guide to increasing engagement can help you understand just this.

Click here to download this handbook.

Your Guide to Online Qualitative Research

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about online qual including when to use it and what methodologies would work for you

Online qualitative research is an established methodology that is widely practiced around the world by researchers, planners, and strategists wanting to know what people think, feel, and do. Which methods are right for you?

Click here to download our guide to online qual and learn more. 

Best practices for community moderation

Our best practices for successful community moderation..

Moderation is the key that unlocks the insights that a research community has to offer, so it demands careful planning, strategy, and good people skills.

Click here to download our best practices for moderation to discover the advantage it could provide for you research community.

Your guide to consumer collaboration and co-creation

Our best practices to enhance consumer collaboration and co-creation

Consumer co-creation, or the act of creating shared value in a product or service with consumers, is actually nothing new.

What is new, is the ability for organisations to invovle people from around the world in design and development of user-centred brands.

That's why we have created this handy how-to guide to give you all the information you need for successful consumer collaboration.

To download simply click here.