A community for the LinkedIn community

When LinkedIn wanted to understand the career paths and emotional issues of its workforce and create concepts for learning and development, they asked us to develop a private online community of employees. Hear how we removed physical barriers and overcame the inhibitions of internal communication. Read more


Partnership with InSites Consulting; co-creating the future of digital insights

As the leading community and co-creation agency, InSites Consulting is recognised for pushing the boundaries of marketing research for deeper engagement, inspiration, and lasting impact. Our work with them combines advanced technology and great minds to pioneer consumer co-creation. Our software is the core engine behind their Consumer Consulting Boards (CCBs) for many of the world’s leading brands, creating a global benchmark for market research online communities.


Helping Added Value stay ahead

Dub has been working with Added Value for over eight years, enabling their leading-edge digital insight and innovation teams to source the latest ideas, cultural insight and opinions from consumers and experts around the world. Dub has helped “put millions of dollars onto our top line”, helped Added Value win multiple pitches and reinforced its position as an agency that truly values innovation - all achieved using our expert market research technology.


Launching Somersby cider into a new market

When Carlsberg wanted to launch Somersby into Switzerland, it needed a new approach. Working with agency Catalyx, we brought the target consumer - alcohol-drinking social connectors - into the launch process. The result was the ‘Fun Lab’, an online community where they could interact, using our market research technology. This enabled Catalyx to understand the audience’s open-minded attitudes and social drinking behaviours and use that to generate campaign and content ideas. Online brand engagement at launch was three times higher than expected reaching an estimated 1.5million people.


Listening to users of HMPO’s passport application system

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) had developed a shiny new web-based passport application system and done extensive technical, system and user testing. However, HMPO wanted to consolidate their understanding of the entire process for the customer through user journey tracking. We helped them understand users’ behaviour in-context and informed changes to user journeys, communication, help screens, support procedures and other aspects of the channel ahead of a full roll-out.


A deep-dive to explore Amira’s target audience

A brand of rice selling in 60+ countries, Amira wanted to reposition their brand and needed to understand its target audience; what motivates them, what their mealtime rituals are and how they use and consume Amira’s products. Using our market research technology, we created an online community exploring shopper journeys and paths-to-purchase, attitudes towards the brand, and its marketing and communications, enabling the client to build an effective marketing plan.


Helping Mediacom get close to consumers (and win more work)

One of the world’s most pioneering media agencies, Mediacom wanted to create a panel of consumers that would create regular video diaries about their everyday lives. Using our market research technology and with expert training and support, their team is able to run ongoing ethnography's and get attitudinal and behavioural insight in quick-time. This has helped them win more work and enabled their clients to build people-centred brands, communications and experiences.


Helping Cafédirect engage with customers

The leading ethical coffee brand Cafédirect - a co-op part-owned by the growers in South America - asked Dub to help engage their leading customers in a more innovative and creative way to test new concepts and pack designs qualitatively. The result was not just a branded research community, but the emergence of a new culture of research and customer-centric development for the business.


Supporting Atlantic Design with people-centric insights

Working as design research partners with industrial design and engineering consultancy Atlantic Design, we were commissioned to capture and analyse the experience of rail passengers in South London. We used mobile qualitative research and ethnography to observe the passengers in context, with the aim was of shaping future plans and design proposals for the re-fit of the 465-class carriage. Read more