What are online Bulletin Board Focus Groups?

Online bulletin boards are a creative and interactive way to conduct qualitative market research. Bulletin board focus groups are moderated, asynchronous discussions, often lasting around 3-5 days. Participants respond to a range of discussion topics posted by a moderator, who probes responses to unearth fresh insight. Overcoming time zone limitations, they provide greater geographic reach to larger respondent groups and result in more in-depth transcripts.

How do bulletin boards work?

Bulletin board focus groups use software that allows respondents to log onto a board, where a moderator leads a discussion. Respondents post comments and can react to other participants’ entries as they wish. The moderator is able to probe responses and show stimulus material.

Why use bulletin boards?

There are a number of key benefits to using bulletin board focus groups.

  1. Flexibility

For researchers and participants alike. Bulletin boards help steer research based on goals, let you probe for deeper insights and gives the opportunity to have greater input as the research progresses.

  1. Convenience

Participants log into bulletin boards at their own convenience. This focuses their attention, makes for more engaged participation and also allows valuable space and time for reflection. Ultimately resulting in better quality research.

  1. Levels of interaction

With a dynamic similar to an off-line focus group, bulletin boards allow for interaction between the researcher and respondents and also among the respondents themselves. And it’s easy for moderators to take groups and break out the research into one-on-ones.

  1. Depth of response

Alternating between images, private questions, interactive discussions and hooks and probes on interesting interim insights. Participants share their thoughts with greater depth, offering an unexpected level of understanding and revealing richer insights than the average focus group. There is the added benefit that the relative anonymity of the Internet negates the effects of peer pressure often found in offline groups.

  1. Cost effectiveness

Online bulletin boards let you run cost-effective studies amongst your target demographic.

What next?

Dub can help develop bulletin boards with a flexible range of online research software and support services. We can train you on our software so that you can use it yourself, conduct the research for you or work collaboratively, pooling our collective knowledge and experience.

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